Copex International has been a trusted partner with unparalleled knowledge of the IT outsourcing landscape in Latin America. The company and its team have consistently pulled through to meet service delivery as well as to provide inside expertise of regional intricacies such as labor laws and a complex LATAM economic environment.

Major IT Outsourcing Provider

Copex International, one stop shop IT solution, delivers a complete online and on site solution coupled with outstanding customer service. It has built up an international client base for its range of services from the supply and installation of IT equipment to complete maintenance and hosting optimization. To be able to deliver this breadth of services along with outstanding client support is proof of the founders’ ability to deliver on their business values.

Latin American IT Service Partner


Our company has worked with Copex International (Copex) for more than 2 years. Copex prepared for us a serious and comprehensive business plan, performed monthly risk management reviews, made overall due diligence and a company evaluation. We were completely satisfied with the level of Copex's performance in that project, still use, and put into practice their recommendations. Copex personnel demonstrated outstanding knowledge of financial tools to successfully manage our business. They are fully committed to the interests of their customers and always follow the timing of business projects without any negative influence on the quality. Copex’s team is enthusiastic and positive. It was a real pleasure to work with them, from both a human and professional point of view.

Jose Rodriguez - CEO, Tecnoship Group Corp.


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