Cost models help business owners and managers figure out the cost for certain activities and processes. Through the use of cost accounting allocation, companies can take basic information relating to resources, such as raw materials and direct labor, and transform the data into useful costs for setting the price of goods and services. Companies can put together different cost models based on their needs, whether financial or operational.


Copex International helps organizations to choose the set of options available to executives about how the work of management gets done—about how they define objectives, motivate effort, coordinate activities, and allocate resources. We review the expectations of employees, new technological capabilities and the offerings of emerging competitors, in order to discover the right management model that drives the company into competitiveness.

We use a methodology to develop operational, economic and financial indicators which fit each company requirements and also allows control across the enterprise, from production or purchase of its products,  to end financial results, through the organizational structure and human resources


Develop and implement budget management models for small and medium businesses, adapted to their size and needs, anchored directly into the accounting system, so there is no need to purchase additional software

Do companies know why a budget is so important? Many times, it may seem like creating a budget is just a tedious financial exercise, especially if management feels finances are already in good order. Copex International consultants specialize in providing organizations with tools to keep their spending on track and even uncover some cash flow problems that might free up even more money to put toward other financial goals. We help enterprises developand implement budget management models adapted to their size and needs, anchored directly into the accounting system, with no need to purchase additional software. Budgeting a company’s money is the cornerstone of a sound financial plan!!!


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