Honesty:  We are committed to being honest and fair with our customers, our employees, our stakeholders and each other. We will keep our promises to our clients and employees, we will take responsibility for our decisions and we will be clear in all communications to our stakeholders.

Responsibility: We seek and accept personal responsibility for our actions and results. We are responsible for ensuring quality is present into everything we do. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service and excellent support.


Our employees demonstrate their integrity and dedication to quality in their daily work

Our strategic partners are an integral part of our team and they represent an important element in our ability to achieve our business objectives.

We are committed to creating and enhancing both short-term and long-term value to our customers through improved performance and an intense focus on delivering excellent results.

We are dedicated to being a visible and positive corporate citizen in every community where we do business.

Communication: We, at Copex International, put special emphasis on expressing our meaning with conviction, relate the messages to all of our goals, assure actions are timely taken, keep an open mind and value constructive feedback in order to constantly grow as an organization.

Ethics: employees and team members are held to the highest ethical standard and are committed to serving clients in a trustworthy manner. Our policies, procedures and ethical standards reflect our main goal which is a complete client satisfaction.

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